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Amanda Palmer and a Quick Affirmation of Value

I am an introvert with stress and hangups around money...

So you can imagine how Amanda Palmer's TED talk made me feel. But it also affirmed something that I knew to be true somewhere deep in my mind: The opportunities for connection and facilitation of genuine and safe vulnerability that I provide via my art is a valuable service to my community and as I joyously and willingly put myself out there for the benefit of others, I should also feel no shame in asking for support. I love that my world and work revolve around really seeing people, and I continue to amaze myself with how quickly I will put up the walls around my own vulnerability lest others have the opportunity to see me. Well... that seems to be the next step. Practicing the willingness to be seen as much as I see and asking with no shame and overwhelming gratitude. Check out the TED talk, it's definitely worth the 15 minutes.

Also, the Fur Beast totally did not snatch my glasses off my face a few seconds after this picture was taken...

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