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Fur Beast Music is named for my Norwegian Forest Cat, Ezio. She is truly the fur beast of my heart, so it is only natural that she should be the first thing I thought of when ASCAP made me choose a publishing name. 
I have enjoyed over a decade of arranging for various ensembles and instrumental and vocal configurations. In addition to being one of the in-house arrangers for Tuesday Tease (quite the unique challenge), I've arranged for everything from a cappella quartets to symphonic chamber ensembles to cabaret bands and I have a special passion for odd instrumentations. 

In addition to commercial arrangement and composition, I frequently write originals for my various ensembles. 

I am also available for transcription and notation work. Have a piece that you want off of your phone and into notation? Send me an email:

In the mean time, enjoy pictures of my original Fur Beast and her "little" sister!
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