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I grew up in a musical family where everyone sang and played various instruments, so I have been singing longer than I have been talking, but bass was special. It was different. From the first time I played it, I had found my dancing partner. Feeling the resonance in the body of the instrument along the length of mine was a game changer. It was the first time I had ever really connected with an external instrument and I was in love. Flash forward a few decades and I am still completely gaga for this instrument :) 

As a performer, I enjoy singing and playing a variety of styles. As a bassist, I have performed everything from orchestral music to circus/cabaret to dive bar rock and as a vocalist, I have trained in the operatic, jazz, and musical theatre genres. But I love singing funk any day of the week! I was raised on a diverse musical diet and because of this, I have always been happiest when I can look at a gig holistically, letting my musical experiences inform each other across genre lines. Striving for holistic and consummate musicianship happily also impacts me as an actor and as a teacher. 

Music has a tendency to permeate everything in my life, but when I am not performing, teaching, composing, arranging, or practicing, I enjoy living into my viking domesticity and can frequently be found cooking, sewing, spinning yarn, SCUBA diving, or studying and practicing herbalism. Also, I am very happy to be household staff to two of the most exquisite Fur Beasts (see pictures here).

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