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Weaving is very much, for me, a connection to Seidr. I can often be found singing, chanting, or breathing intent into the warp and weft of my bands. Always, of course, supervised (supurrrrrrvised?) by at least one FurBeast. It is my sincere hope that when people wear any of my weaving they feel empowered, protected, and that their own good magic be amplified. 

My weaving started with historical patterns found in Scandinavian dig sites, but I have enjoyed weaving a wide range of patterns. Everything from pre-Iron Age to Smiley Pumpkins. 


If you are interested in a custom belt, some woven trim, or tablet woven jewelry: Please use the form below to email me with your request and I'll be in touch! While I currently am working on an online storefront, enjoy some photos of my past works 

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